EDCF Spydero Manix2

I was privileged to get in on the EDC Forums Manix 2 run  – A very cool knife with GITD “Moonglow” Scales. Unfortunately, finances at the time dictated me sell the knife but I got some nice pictures of it while I had it.

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  1. Srujana says:

    Dan, If you wish to maintain that mirorr polished edge prior to stropping, might I suggest using a 1200 or 2000 grit white ceramic flat stone(bench or pocket model) and using a small amount of dish soap mixed with water on the stone instead of dry. The soap and water mixed reduces the friction and makes for a very fine slurry almost like the extremely fine Japanese water stone without the bellying problem on the stone. I have found this to be excellent for creating a true mirorr edge and a much finer edge than I was able to get with the ceramic stone alone, with water, or the black surgical arkansas. Sam

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